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Archives up until 9/30/2016

And now it’s almost October?!Not exactly hunting season (except for archery, and some birds) but was just out the door and someone was shooting guns regularly outside, over on the State land. I used to do that myself, mainly up in our old Hi-Line haunts, which is part of the reason I’m kind of deaf now. What??? Would you repeat that?? Nah, it wasn’t just gunfire, but too much electric guitar and machinery operation. Which I thought I might be doing the latter of again today, but it’s looking like tomorrow instead. But at least I don’t think we’re going hunting tomorrow. Although just went and checked the horses, so once we get some shoes nailed on, might be going back up in elk country…Except haven’t been seeing the elk here in some time. And not just me, others aren’t also, although they’ve been hearing some bugling, at least…At least we’ve been seeing tons of deer in the neighborhood of late, and even have them in the yard regularly at daylight.That was just barely at daylight a couple of mornings ago, so not the best photo…This one got lightened a bit…
8/31/16What, it’s almost September??
At least our Farmers Markets have been going very well!

And this was the Car Show on Main Street, always good…

The Moccasin Telegraph

The phrase “Moccasin Telegraph” dates back to the frontier days, around the time the telegraph lines were being strung along the railroads. The standing joke was that news spread much faster via the person-to-person grapevine gossip channels, especially since the bison found the new telegraph poles made superb scratching posts and the lines were often down.

Phone service is arguably somewhat more reliable these days, but but even with just a “dumb” phone the grapevine functions just as well as ever. So, from time to time (actually monthly, for a long time now) we’ll pass along some things we think you might find interesting. The old frontier is dead, and we might not even be on the new frontier of the information age, but we’re glad to report the Moccasin Telegraph is alive and well.