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BiOmega3 Products and Online Store


  • Camelina Oil

    Camelina oil is an outstanding Omega-3 supplement. Camelina has a very high Omega-3 content similar to flax oil, but also contains a better blend of the Omega-6 and 9’s, as well as a high Vitamin E content. This has the incidental benefit of adding chemical stability, so unlike flax, our oil does not require refrigeration and has an extremely long shelf life.

    More than that, (in our very biased opinion) camelina oil tastes way better! Besides taking it as supplement, it lends itself to salad dressings, smoothies, baked goods and skin care among other things. It’s less suited as frying oil, with a very low smoke point.

    We sell our camelina oil in 8 and 16 ounce bottles. We ship individual bottles, but more commonly combo packs or case lots. Our normal case is six of the 16 oz, and eight of the 8 oz. We offer price discounts on combo orders, as well as wholesale pricing on case lots. Contact us for pricing and shipping information.

  • The Gallatin Gourmet's Fantastic Granolas!

    This line of granolas grew out of production of healthy Omega-3 oilseeds on our farm. Besides flax, they contain a wide variety of other seeds and nuts with extensive benefits from heart health to valuable fiber content.

    They've been selling well at the Farmer's Markets, and as soon as we make a couple of minor tweaks on the back label will be available in several grocery chains, as well as online here at the Store!

    As usual, email us for pricing and shipping info on various combinations of our products.

  • Camelina Meal Natural Fertilizer

    Camelina meal is the byproduct after we cold-press the oil from the seed. We've been selling it as an animal supplement, particularly chickens, but have also been experimenting with it as a natural fertilizer. Montana State University has been doing good research on this also, and so we were recently thrilled to have ours approved and registered as a natural fertilizer/soil amendment by the State of Montana.

    It will shortly be available via Planet Natural and Cashman Nursery, as well as quite likely in China, and of course right here at the Store!
    It's available in 5# and 25# quantities, as well as bulk containers of a ton or more. So as usual, e-mail us for price and shipping quotes.

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