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The proprietors here at BiOmega3, LLC are Bill and Kim O'Connell. Descended from Montana Hi-Line homesteader stock, we're carrying on the tradition of developing new agricultural opportunities.

In spite of the title of this page, though, this isn't just "about us".

Healthy diet goes far beyond that, it's of benefit to EVERYONE. You talk about a win/win...!!

In our case, most fortunately my wife Kim is a fantastically good cook. In fact we'll be adding a "Gallatin Gourmet" section to this site down the road.

We used to farm up on the Hi-Line, not too far east of Glacier Park. Although we were semi-nomadic, and wintered here in the "Valley of the Flowers", working various winter jobs, mostly food processing related. Old habits die hard though, and against all odds, we now find ourselves farming again in the Bozone.

Oddly enough, in both cases we're farming ground that doesn't particularly lend itself to the mass-production industrial ag model. So we've always explored alternatives...

A few years back, when we started raising golden flax and camelina, and regularly consuming these high Omega-3 products, as well as healthy, locally produced foods (as much as possible, from our fellow Farmer's Market vendors!), not exactly quite "all of a sudden" we found our tastes had changed.

It's true, once you get used to eating healthy, there's no going back. Before long you can tell, almost instantly whether food has nutrition in it, or whether it's just "empty" calories.

Far beyond that, your body starts to demand this newfound healthy diet! And it's not just humans... Some of our steadiest customers give these Omega-3 supplements to their pets, and one interesting story lately was from a gal whose Jack Russell terrier now refuses to eat dog food without camelina oil on it!

I don't eat dog food, far from it, but otherwise I'm about there myself...

Times are changing in agriculture. The locally produced, healthy food model is taking hold in a big way. Not only is this of immense benefit to consumers, but for a change it holds promise for producers also.

Direct marketing to consumers, and wholesaling to health-oriented retailers, eliminating giant agribusiness conglomerates in the process...

What's not to like?! And besides, it's just not dull at all...